The world doesn’t love you anyway,
The world doesn’t care
The world doesn’t give a shit
Not a fuck to spare

What craziness, what fresh hell
Does every new hour bring
The world doesn’t give a damn
All it does is sting…

Come closer, look deeper
For meaning, truth and lies
For everything makes you weaker
The world is never nice

The world doesn’t want you
Or owe you any debt
You’re breathing, that’s all you can do
That’s as best a man can get…


Happy Birthday, Wife!


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Today I tried to remember,
What life was like before you
On this lovely day in November,
What things did I usually do…

I couldn’t think, of a single thing
That I’d rather do without you
I wouldn’t dance, I wouldn’t sing
I must confess, I have no clue…

How I lived, or what I did each day
Or how I existed without you
I must express, as I do often pray
That I’m ecstatic I’m with you…

Wishes, a hundred, a million you may get
But a heartfelt wish from me, would be this in life
No matter if the sky falls down, or the earth may fret
Not a moment may pass for me, without you, my wife…

Why do you love me?



There are people who can sing
Ditties, ballads, and the blues
People who can always bring
The wittiest, coolest joke to you

There are people who can make you smile
A million dollar smile, and then feel
With words, as they walk with you a while
As they display their nerves of steel

People who can bravely face
Any monster under the bed
People who can daily race
Lightning for you, if you said

People who are just better than most
One of a kind, from coast to coast
Why then, why do you love me?
Tell me what is it you see?

‘Cos I can’t bring myself to become
The man who’s the greatest, the world’s best
I just know to give my heart, and some
Love, when you want a shoulder to rest…



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All I need, is to be supine
A little more sleep
A little less sunshine
Less reasons to weep

Give me a pillow,
That I may rest my head
And that dreams follow
As I meet my bed

And kiss and wave good night,
To the myriad aches of the day
Tomorrow’s morning, another fight
As I navigate the stars along the way

Give me the blessing
Of Morpheus’ lute
Forgetfulness of worries pressing
To press the button ‘mute’

What rites must I enact
What rituals to follow
Sleep, some sleep to attract
As I lie here, hollow…

What is Love?


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Love is when you can’t sleep,
‘Cos she’s still counting sheep
Love is when all the words in your head
Are whispered by the bed

Love is when you smile,
At her ever-widening grin
Love is when you find
A reason, to touch her chin

Love, is when summers, and winters and rain
Are spent in embraces, in soothing her pain
Love, is a medicine, in slow gulps you endure
But it makes you better, that is for sure

Love, is that brilliant, brilliant thing you wanted
And yet you never knew that you ever did
Love, is that drug, so lovely, so enchanted
Love permeates, and drenches, in this desert so arid..

Story of us


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To entangle,every thread of your life
To love, and cherish you, my wife
To knit and weave, threads of my own
And make us whole, one, not alone…

That is the story I wish to narrate
Of lovely little mornings, some early, some late
And nights held together, by whispers of love
A story, of us, what a story! Wow!

Imagine, the distance, of years gone by
When we look back and remember the sky
As it first looked on us, united by fate
And we started our eternity, though it was a bit late

Imagine the wrinkles, a story in each
Of us sipping colas on some secluded beach
And travels, and travails, and memories so clear
A story, of us, only us my dear …

To tell a truth



I told the stars all about you
I told the sun, what I’d do
I wrote a song, and sang it loud
I waited and waited, then I bowed

For the applause, that didn’t come
And so I drowned, in a bottle of rum
I told the rivers, I told the seas
I told the flowers, I told the bees

I couldn’t wait, to share the news
To spread some joy,dispel the blues
But no one cared, no one listened
A teardrop or two, on my cheek it glistened

They’ve heard it all, it’s nothing new
I am but one, they’ve met a few
But it still couldn’t dull, the fact that it’s true
The fact that darling, I love you…



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The meaning of moonlight
Has never been found
Pondered, perhaps, in hindsight
As long as Man has been around

‘Tis different, from sunlight
From all that is day
‘Tis foreboding,and yet bright
Only if it chooses to play

The hooting, the crickets, and yet
All quiet in a mesmerizing bubble
Night, each of us has in our own way met
Some see peace, yet some see trouble

And moonlight, that guardian,
An agent of Mother Peace
Moves swiftly, in a white cardigan
As it patrols the streets

Pipe Dreams



A pipe dream is a dream
No less than a burning hope
No matter how high the mountain
No matter how steep the slope

Aspirations, like fine mist,
Are here, and then gone
Some stay on like dewdrops,
Some just vaporise at dawn…

Kilobytes what once was,
Now Petabytes and more
Yet greed in its fine form
Deems useless, everything before

Grand palaces, and transport
And doth the finest silks compare?
To three square meals a day
As some vacant eyes do stare?

A morning’s cacophony…


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The morn’s rays, so bright its blaze
Come calling, shrill, at the window sill
And I listen to the words, of them beautiful birds
As I mash my eyes, willing myself to rise

The crow, he caws, like kitten’s paws
Razor sharp in play, yet cute in its own way
The sparrows, they twitter, and butterflies flutter
And the dewdrops glisten, as I just listen

To the morning, its chorus, a beautiful song
And I wish I could listen to it all day long
But the hours burn on, and temperatures rise
And mankind goes on, like the sun in the skies…