Dreams Of Escaping

Do you dream of escaping
Running away, living anew
No future worries, suffering
Away from everything you ever knew

Do your dreams flow, like a river
Clear, and pristine blue
And on a boat, you sit and laze
Do such dreams make you shiver?

Do random photos of cabins in a wood
Make you want to go and stay?
Do beaches and shacks and unlimited food
Make you want to run away?

A hundred men and women to serve you
Your every wish and dream
And mansions made of marble hue
And happiness, such that you scream

But dawn awaits, and the picture’s grey
Awake, your eyes they will once again betray
Your longing, your desire, your wish to fly
And there ain’t nothing else to do but cry

My Little Boy

You nibble my nose,
And kiss my cheek
You know that makes me
So very very weak

You loom, and stare
Into my eyes, with orbs
A dirty brown, smile and bare
My soul for all eternity

You nestle up in the crook
Of my arms , and nap and snore
You read me like a book
And know which buttons to push

To make me grin, and wonder why
God blessed me so, my little boy
You make me feel alive and spry
You. You bring me so much joy…


Sometimes if you listen, listen hard
You can hear your heart crying
And like words on a Hallmark card
They’re useless, yet you keep lying

To yourself, to others,
To the mirror on the wall
The sobs, they get louder
And yet you don’t heed the call

Sometimes, there are words
Scratched in blood, inside
And like little caged birds
They wanna fly outside

Sometimes if you listen,
A story they can tell
Your heart, it’s not just a muscle
But you treat it like a shell

A knickknack, a souvenir,
pumping all the day
A box to hold memories,
But it cannot have its way

Sometimes if you listen,
you can hear your heart say
I wanna fill you up with love
But this blood comes in the way

Little things

What is it around you,
That makes you smile a little
That makes you not feel blue
That makes you strong, not brittle
It might be a little cushion, red, all agog
Or a little statue of a big smiling dog
It might be a painting, that you made, one day
Or a table or a shelf, where you hide things away
What is it around you, what little thing
That make you happy and content
While running this race, and suffering
That bring back memories, like a scent
Hold it hard, hold it near
Reminisce, repent but do not fear
For this is life, ’twas always so
A little smile, a long way to go…

Baatein mere dil se

Maine dil se kaha, ae dil
Dhoond tu koi khushi aaj
Dhoond, in taaron mein jhil mil
Koi hasne ki wajah mile aaj

Mere dil ne kaha, bande sun
Tu kyu rota hai, aansu rok
Taaron mein nahi, yaadon se bun
Woh haseen pal, aur bhoolega shok

Un lamhon ko chun, is pal ke liye
Jinhone kabhi tujhe rulaye
Kabhi hasi ke phuwware bhi diye
Jo aa jaate hai bin bulaye

Maine Dil se kaha, ae dil, zara sun
Bas ek chaadar banakar dede mujhe
Bani kuch in yaado se, zara chun
Odhke jise so jao, duayein deta chalu tujhe

Mere dil ne kaha, abbe aalsi ladke
Kya raat ke andhero mein jagata hai
Dopahar ko badi mast neend so jata hai
Aur raat hote hi mann mein angaare bhadke

Chup chaap shayari band kar abhi
Ankhiyon ko de kuch vishraam
Subah ke intezaar mein na reh kabhi
Subah hote hi karna hai bahut kaam

Kudrat ka khel

In khuli hawaon se poochho
Kya parde khol diye kudrat ne
Aasmaan saaf kyu itna, poochho
Kya dard-e-sazaa bhula diye kudrat ne

Kyu gaa rahe hai pannchhi
Kya insaan ghum kahi ho gaya?
Kyu patton pe dhool nahi tikti
Kya sansaar naya koi bas gaya?

Kyu raaste sunsaan, itne akele
Inpar sher bhi sawaar hone lage hai
Jahan kabhi lagte the mele
Un maidaano par paude ugne lage hai

Dharti maa se kya insaan
Itni berahmi se pesh aata tha?
Ki aaj is maa ki khushi ke peeche
Woh aansu kabhi dekh nahi pata tha

Kab tak, tum kab tak ae insaan, do jawaab;
Insaaniyat ke naam par parde laga paoge
Kudrat ka anokha khel toh dekho janaab
Aaj tumhaari “aazaadi” ki tum kya keemat chukaoge


That corner of the house
That always felt mine
That painting, that chair
That table to dine

That fridge, it hath held so much treasure
A love so real, a love without measure
Those colors, on the walls, muted yet nice
That special bookshelf that could never suffice

That cupboard, it held so much in store
That Television, my true love, my core
That sofa, it’s curves so well contoured now
It knows me too well, it loves me, and how

And yet I’m so sick of it, sick of it all
Come next sunrise, come next nightfall
It all feels constricting, it feels like such pain
I wish I could go out, so that I could come back again…

Thoughts on the pandemic

Peace? What peace? there is no peace
Why would you think there was any left
Please, oh please, do not say please
Those words don’t mean much to the bereft

Worry, anxiety, the world is all wrong
And yet some people dance, some sing a song
There is no door, no light, no tunnel to be found
We’re all sinking fast, with no hope around…

The days are all long, the nights are all dark
Children and dogs, both pining for the park
But sparrows and crows and parrots and hens
Make merry and sing, while we twirl our pens

The future! The future! Oh what lies ahead
Is this Armageddon, like a prophet once said
While nature enjoys, and men shed some tears
Pray, time the healer, will lay to rest our fears….

And when we come out of this enforced funk
Realise the true worth, what’s treasure, what’s junk
I hope we make gratitude our everyday thing
And know our true heroes, their platitudes to sing…

Last night …

Last night I dreamt I was alive
Last night I dreamt I saw the stars shine
Last night, I could swear I felt alive
Last night, I felt it all could’ve been fine

Was it all a dream, or was it really true
I don’t know how, let me know if you do
Last night I dreamt I saw your eyes
When I started counting all the stars in the skies

Even as the floor was on fire
And Hell burnt alive with the fruits of desire
Last night, it felt like the sea
The ocean calling out to me

The beach, each grain of sand
A moment of my life, that I could understand
Last night, it all felt so so new
Cry out, that’s all I felt I could do

Last night I dreamt I was just going
Out on the sea, on a rickety boat, rowing
Last night, I smiled as I laid eyes on the city
For the last time, for the last time in eternity

Knife through the heart

There’s a knife through my heart,
A flaming, burning, butter knife
Put there, specifically to tear it apart
Put there so happily, by my wife…

As it bleeds, my heart sings
Of distances, worlds left behind
Of wondrous tales, of sufferings
Of my life, which has not been kind

Of love, like the clouds, and skies so blue
Of love, so beautiful, it must be true
That serrated blade, it sings as it twists
Oh I wish it’d rather cut my wrists

There’s a knife through my heart,
My love put it there, and there it shall stay
Reminding me of our days, sweet and tart
Reminding me of what I’d miss, if she took it away

That fire, that blade, keeps me living
That agony keeps me sane
There’s a flaming knife in my heart
And somehow, I crave the pain…