Ice cream


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A scoop, a slurp, lickety split
Banana flavoured, a big bite I bit
Rocky road all the way
Vanilla was what I wanted today

A cone, a cup, a big bowl of cream
Ice cream, Ice cream, every summer’s dream
Butterscotch to quench my thirst
Or shall I have strawberry first?

Brain freeze, tongue gone numb
Icecream makes me go all dumb
But what even can I say to you
I just love icecream, that much is true

Chocolate is best, some say
But I beg to differ, Mango’s on the way
Coffee and honey and walnuts too
Black currant if I’m feeling too blue

Pineapples are great, coconuts too
Hundreds of flavours, oh what can I do
There is but one lifetime, to try them all
Have a little icecream, and life is a ball…

my hands do not agree

There are worlds to conquer and count
But my hands do not agree
There are mountains to surmount
But still I do not see

A way forward, a way ahead
To break this lethargy
Thus beckons my bed
But my eyes do not agree

There is work to be done
Feelings to be expressed, you see
Battles to be fought and won
But these hands do not agree

There’s the moonrise, pale, yellow
Twinkling stars aligned, air so mellow
They all speak of my forthcoming destiny
But these wretched hands do not agree

Manacled, tied, tired and decrepit,
These hands just want to be free
What world is this,won in blood, without peace
These hands have had enough, and now I agree…

hope another day



The Sun dipping low, in the sky
Me wishing I could learn to fly
So that I could go home like the birds
So that I could put my feelings to words

Me, wishing i could play the guitar
Me, wishing upon a falling star
Hope against hope, but hoping still
Hope till my heart has had its fill

Hope sits upon the window sill
Like the sparrow that visits, often
but eventually flies, it has its own thrill
Hope that one day, this burden will soften

Wherefore could i see a sunset divine
And be content, want nothing more
Where do i join up, where do I sign
For things to be the way they were before



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Oh I’ve once again fallen

Into the rut of sleepless nights

Fallen out of favour with Morpheus

Courting Insomnia, and counting the lights

It doesn’t help that I feel distraught

Or tired or sleepy or desperately weepy

It feels like the end of three battles fought

With demons in my own head, creepy

And I cant explain why, and how,

I can’t explain what is the reason

I’m in this state tonight, and now

My brain is alight, acting in high treason

I’ve tried all the ways, tried all the things

To make myself sleep, but my mind takes wings

If you, O reader, have anything to say

Please do, a lullaby, to rest my eyes today

For tomorrow is another battle,And people will be slaughtered

Sacrificed, arrogantly, in lieu of my peace

Lead me to sleep, oh please, oh please

Or my world will again be shattered

Like it has, every day, when I could get no sleep

And I moped around, o’er a precipice so deep

A slip, a tiny slip, and madness takes over

And the devil comes out, a hostile takeover

I wish, I wish, and I so strongly believe

I’d be a better person,If my eyes I’d relieve,

And there’s no mountain tall, no crevice deep

That I couldn’t surmount, with a little sleep

I never thought I would


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I never thought I would
Run through the day like this
Time, when it has no meaning
What can I say? Gee whiz!

I never thought I’d begin
And end the day aloof
But seventeen hours of sloth, sin!!
Here I am, on the bed, poof!

Ambitions burnt, muscles drooping
Weak as a paper Mobius strip, looping
I turn on myself, my mind entropies
Though like an eagle, it’s soaring, swooping

I never thought I’d remain
A shell, a mere shell, of my capabilities
Killed me, did what? My responsibilities
Or so I say to myself, again n again

I never thought I’d argue
With myself, and lose spectacularly
That moral fibre inside me is new
I never thought I’d never get to see the old me

And that makes me sad, that makes me weep
That hurts my feelings, buried so deep
Compartmentalize, I do, I know I should not
I never thought that my feelings’d be all I got …

Nothing makes sense


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The heavens hold no mystery
The pages teach no history
And nothing makes sense any more

Cos we don’t even talk, we just ignore
And all we do is growl and gnash
And rage and boil and grab and smash

Cos we’re all broken, right down to the core
And live, like zombies, flashing lights
And getting into crazy stupid little fights

Cos there ain’t nothing left like before
This madness, spreading, like a disease
And nothing makes sense any more

Ain’t nobody walking down the streets
Ain’t nobody whistling a tune, nor beats
And we’re all decked up, but fish ashore

Gasping for breath, dying of death
The heavens ain’t giving no more mercy
And the thunder’s rolling in, it’s starting to pour

The heathen and devout, the unclean, the high-browed
Decaying, alone, on the side of the road
And nothing makes sense any more…
And nothing makes sense any more…



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How do I feel about sunflowers?
This morning I asked myself, wondering
What magic do they seek, what powers
In yellow rays, still pondering

Meandering through the village road
I come upon them in a field, seeking the light
You must do the same, they goad
All smiling, decked up, bright

When the sun is shrouded,
Or the sky is clouded
They seek each other’s faces
To share, but what they have in traces

Oh how much to learn, in that short while
From these seeded pots of yellow today…
Always Seek the light, always share a smile,
What more does a sunflower need to say?

Tum nahi



Kadakti bijliyo mein
Dhoondta raha woh ehsaas
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Garajte badalo mein
Bujhata raha woh pyaas
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Ki kab tak main kudrat ki parcchaiyo mein
Ujaale ko bulata rahaa
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Ki kab tak main andhero mein
Diye ko jalata raha
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Akelepan se dosti kar li

Akelepan se dosti kar li
Lekin saath nibhata raha
Teri chaahat ke firaq mein
Bhadakti is raat mein

Tumhe chaahta raha
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Boondo ne dubaane ki koshish ki
Lehro ne bahane ki
Kinaare bulaate rahe
Par tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Arre zaalim, tere intezar mein
Apna sab kuch tyaag diya
Zindagi bhar tere saye se pyaar kiya
Par tum thi, toh kaha thi?

Finding my sleep


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I think to myself, why does this happen
Why does slumber avoid me so
Forsaken, in the woods, stars for company
Waiting for the darkness to go

Or in my bed, no pillows seem enough
Forty winks, they do not seem to come
The bed, no matter be soft or be rough
No matter the lullabies I try to hum

The hours tick away, the seconds, not at all
The seasons, each hath had one night atleast
When sleep avoids me, doesn’t hearken my call
And I’m left holding back in the silence,my beast

My inner demons, they want to roar
And scratch and bite, and dent and score
Yet silence pervades, sleep refuses to find me
And Hypnos, with all his power, couldn’t bind me

I think to myself, what reason could be
For this long lasting continued misery
My foggy brain is addled, yet refuses to yield
Tis still a mystery forever concealed…




A hundred shades slowly float up
Gray, each one, different, yet just the same
The gray of a rainy day, bottled up
The gray of that homeless man, without a name

The gray, of the river, turgid and muddied
The gray of the Viking, dying, bloodied
Dragon scales gray, inviting, yet deadly
Gray of the dark ages, boring, that medley

Tinges of colour, they try dropping in
The edges send them back, back the same way
Red tried, and blue tried, and yellow swept in
But in the end prevailed, only and only gray

History is gray, the past, gray hair and its hues
No matter the memory, happy or the blues
The dark depressing gray, exists to torment
It fills up yesterday, and leaves us spent

The gray of the ocean, such color under it all
Cobbled footpaths, and mice, and a crow’s call
Funnily enough, gray can be inviting, some days
There aren’t many colours as vivid as the grays