You cannot feel, the night so beautiful
As she calls me to her, from afar
You cannot feel the angel of peace; 
As she passes you by, resplendent, surreal.

You do not see the army of stars
They beckon to me so, and ask me to be
One with the earth, one with the sea; 
One with the purity that you cannot see

I ask you to be, more than a human, 
And open your soul, to the power above
I ask you to be, just like the miracle, 
That you really were meant to be

I need you to feel, the cold chilly wind
And hear the stories, she wants you to know.
I want you to care, for the brooks and the streams, 
I want you to be in my dreams…

And I wish you return every night, again
To show me how beautiful this world is; 
To rid me of suffering, to ease my pain
To sooth my soul, with a single kiss…