His heart was beating wildly out of control and he knew there was nothing he could do about it.
He had waited, 28 long years for this day. God, he thought, has kept me alive just for this.

His forehead was burning hot, feverish with excitement. His eyes were unblinking, focussed and completely attuned to his target.
He had the feeling that there were a hundred horses in his stomach,racing for their life and he had the strangest feeling that he was enjoying it all the same.Muscles tensed, bunched,knotted and stretched,like bands of steel,he knew this couldn’t go on for long. In a few moments, he knew it would all end.

He was a qualified doctor, and a good one. But today, all that had been forgotten.The hundreds of people awaiting him at the clinic would have to wait another day for him.This was far too important for such trivial matters as life and death.

And slowly, as the moment neared, he could feel the rest of his senses slipping away, oozing slowly from his body as only his sight remained.
He realised he was holding his breath. The man on the screen in from of him finally stepped forward and hit the ball out of the ground off the final ball.A SIX!!!
This was it!! India had won the World Cup!!!
He let his breath whoosh out of him.And he screamed.And screamed.

“Wake up Sid!!! what the hell is the matter with you??” he heard.

And he blinked.Suddenly, the colors changed.He was blinking furiously at his bedroom ceiling.
“Whew!!!” he said out loud.
“Mom, don’t worry. It was just a dream.A dream that may never come true…..”