He stood on the ledge overlooking the breakers and looked at the sky above.
It was a beautiful evening made even more beautiful by the fact that it was the beginning of a new life for him…
He’d been struggling for the past 3 months with a lot of things in life. And today, all that was about to change.All that suffering was about to end forever.He closed his eyes, feeling the cool breeze whip at his face.
He smiled and opened his arms wide.He could almost feel the embrace of hope that he had been carrying with him all these days.
“My first song”, he thought. “All these years. All these years of hard work, and its finally here…”.
As a struggling singer, he’d spent so many sleepless nights on this very ledge.Speaking to the sea.Crying his heart out when he couldn’t take it anymore.
Today, his dream had come true.His first recording had just ended and the director’s words rumbled loudly in his ears,”Dude, you are gonna rock this nation…”.
He felt the temperature fall suddenly. The first drop of rain came rushing to his parched eyes. As he heard the faint strains of his song flow through his head, he finally felt free.This was it.His moment.

“Oye, kya kar rahai? baarish mein kyu khada hai?” asked the policeman with a mixture of suspicion that was hard to miss.
“Bheeg raha hu, sirji.” He said with a smile. “Main star banne ja raha hu. Pata nahi shayad baadme kabhi aisa mauka mile na mile…..”