And so ends another year…2009! what did we see in this year that blew our hats away?
Nothing special, just the usual apathy, ignorance,indifference and even more interestingly, the same old boring routine that marks our everyday life for what it really is…an attempt to make something of ourselves that has gone horribly wrong, somewhere along the way…
As we gear up for another festive season around the corner(God, I’ll miss them next year,all of them on weekends…..damn!) we do the usual introspection and come up with the usual suspects- Time and Money.There’s not enough of both to last us our lifetime…
And so we end up rushing through our day, trying to save all the hours that we have saved up for what?So that we can rush some more?
And so, when this year ends, I have decided one thing.My resolution for next year is very simple. It is the end of my apathy, my ignorance of what truly matters – the time I give to myself and my family.
And so I say with full pride, the end is near… And there is going to be a new beginning. Happy New Year to everybody in advance!