17 words… That was all he had in front of him at the moment. After 8 hours of hard work and countless coffees later, all he had were these 17 words.
He laughed out loud enough to scatter the pigeons on his window sill. These words would have to do. “The Last Will and Testament” was the heading for what would be the most explosive document to break his current society’s spine and astonish everyone who knew about what was to come.
He had thought hard and long about it, spent countless nights wondering if it was the right thing to do.

“No, Mr W, how will you explain it to the superpower above, the one true God you believe in…? How will they ever learn? It is up to you to teach them. After that, it is up to them to apply what they have learnt. We can only hope they turn out well…”

came back these harsh words of his servant of forty years. That was enough to steel his resolve and make him sit on this computer today.

“I leave 400 million $ to charity. My sons are not my own.They belong to their vices”.

“That would teach them”,he hoped,nay,prayed.
As he signed the document, he could already see tomorrow’s headlines,

“Millionaire leaves heirs penniless”

A smile came over his lips as he eyed the gun on his table. His last and final act would bring his sons together,at last.

— Based on a story that could be true…