His hands froze as they reached the doorknob.His reluctance held him back,like a huge boulder tied to his back.Or maybe it was the weight of the bag slung over his shoulders,he couldn’t decide which. A few worldly possessions were in that bag,clothes,an ipod,shoes,a camera… And yet,he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was leaving behind something. He mouthed a silent goodbye to Rover,nipping playfully at his feet.
He took a glance at the digital clock on the wall in the dark-2 AM, it said. It was time.
He turned the doorknob as silently as he could. One more step and he would begin his journey.
“Wait!”, the words hit him with the force of an express train. “You forgot something”, said the voice at the bedroom door he knew since before he was born. He turned back slowly and looked her in the eyes,questioningly. She crossed the short distance between them in three steps and held out a hand,dropping something shiny and silver into his hands.
“These are the house keys. You can always come back…”.

“Goodbye”,he said and turned before she could see the tears. And he stepped forward into the darkness.
He knew he would come back some day,but for now,his future beckoned,and he had to go…