This is probably the most amazing day in all my life. Today is the day Sachin Tendulkar( also known as GOD) made history by being the first person in the history of the game of cricket to hit 200 runs in one day internationals.
Nothing more needs to be said. That in itself is testament to how we Indians have taken Sachin ( also known as GOD) for granted, like everything else in typical Mumbai fashion. Who else could have set the parameters for being superhuman than the one person who has time and again proven everyone else to be less than mere mortals by his sheer dint of talent and dedication to the sport that has given us life and love for more than two decades.
Sachin( also known as GOD), we love you. Period.
And we know you love us too, or else you wouldn’t have showered us with your blessings in the form of so many amazing moments, so many amazing days when we have prayed to other Gods to please let Sachin ( also known as GOD, i keep saying this don’t I?) play at his best.