Today I understand, what I missed so long
Today I realize, what could have been,
Today went by, like a forgotten song
Today I felt saddened, yet serene…

It could have been another moment
Today, when our eyes met again
And stopped me giving you as you went
My love for you, my pain…

My mind swept back to you, today
Like it did a million times before
That swirling mist, that cloudy day
When our eyes first met but once, no more

My madness, without rhyme or reason
Held back within a grasp so brittle
Burst out today, with that old season
Today, when came the rain, a little…

Gushed forth in flood, my tears, today
I saw you drenched in summer’s rain
Today I know how much I missed you,
And today, I’m in love with you again…