3 Years ago….On a hot rainy day in July, I embarked on a journey that I knew would change my life forever….Just how much, I never knew.
It was on the 2nd of July 2007, that I joined my first (and still the only) company as an employee at Accenture.
Those were moments of wonder that day, when I thought of all the big monsters that people made office out to be, and of the heroic moments when I would be standing over the same slayed monsters, proud shoulders held aloft.
Some of those moments never materialised, some exceeded my wildest expectations, and there were moments in these past three years that made me think “What the bloody hell was I thinking when I got myself into this mess….?”. But that first salary, that first smell of my own money, the first time somebody actually treats you for the individual talents you possess are all great aphrodisiacs that leave you breathless with its sheer power and ability to cling to you….

All said and done however, nothing and absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the fabulous culture, work ethic and people that I have met over the years in the organisation that is now my second home…. ( Indeed there have been times when I did not know what my actual home looked like during daytime….!!)Infallible I was not(now i’d like to believe in that illusion!), yet I too fell into that old trap of trying to prove myself to all and sundry. I fell prey to disappointment. I felt like a million dollars were riding on me, and for the first time in my life,I felt responsible enough for my own actions. I felt the rush of adrenaline when success came unbidden, and when it waved at me from afar, even when I felt i deserved it. All this in three years! What does the future behold for me? Who knows?But what fun lies in knowing?
The fun lies in the journey you decide to take,your choices, the road less travelled that you may or may not want to take… Here’s looking forward to the rest of my life!!