Sometimes you write just out of a compulsion to write, sometimes there are a thousand words inside you just wanting to come out….
I have been in the US of A for more than a week now. I would think that this is kind of a pretty major milestone in my life, but it doesnt feel that way.
It feels much like everyday life, except for the food. With all due respect, the food here sucks bigtime!
I haven’t started cooking yet, but give me time and I can mess that up too with equal aplomb and talent.
Getting here was another big jhol.I hated the 25 hours of travelling, more than anything. Counting the hours,watching endless miles tick away on the monitor, and pretending to sleep,trying to fool my body into thinking things that are far from the truth…What a way to start off an important journey…
I didnt get the time to roam around in Schiphol airport, I had always wanted to look around when in Europe… still, there’s always next time.
There is so much I want to say, but somehow, I cant find the right words for what I am feeling. Maybe I am not supposed to say it out loud,maybe I am just supposed to feel that feeling, to experience it,to know it but not say it out loud.
Maybe, the right words will find me, some day.
Till then, these words will have to do.
Till then, au revoir!!