This title from the Guzaarish film track somehow finds a chord in my heart on many levels..

All the happy moments in life can be compressed and saved into 100gms, but these 100gms would be the most precious thing we all would have.

Sweet, sour, teary-eyed, hysterical,thoughtful, all the emotions we have ever gone through, all the pictures of vivid colour, all the great days when we thought it couldn’t get any better, or worse.

100gms of life. What a concept. Hats off to the guy who thought of it.

We all try, hard enough as it can get to find some meaning in our life. Why?

Can’t life be just about collecting all those moments that we could say we can not do without adding to the 100gms of life? Can’t it be just about spending time with someone you love, just being there to watch them smile, to hold their hands when they cry, to have someone do the same for you….

The sad part about life is people go about it wishing to leave their stamp on the pages of history. Instead, leaving an indelible mark on people’s hearts is a much better way to be remembered.

The best thing about life is not having done everything you write down in a bucket list… It is looking back at the 100gms of life, and wishing that you had the opportunity to do some beautiful thing over again, just so that you could feel the same emotion, the same rush of life that you felt then…

At least, that’s what I think.