The beauty of a golden sunrise,
is impossible to describe,to collect,to capture
It has to be seen,with the mind’s inner eyes
And felt,in all its imperious rapture…
Many such creations, of God’s holy might
A tiger’s cub,an eagle’s flight,
An elephant,an ant,
an owl in the night…
In the ocean’s blue,swim a hundred whales,
A butterfly’s rainbow,
A millipede’s walk,
And yet we know not a million other tales…
Of snow-capped mountains,of ravines,
of a calm glittering lake,
And swift flowing rivers, and the rivulets they make,
Of acres of orchards, and flowers in bloom
Of soft velvet moss, just woven in God’s loom…
Like dewdrops, like fine mist,like a falling snowflake,
Like the sun kissed sands of a beach,like the summer rain;
We see His unseen hands, every moment awake
These are moments to rejoice, to praise Him again…