I wish I had a big gray castle
And around it, a big blue moat.
I wish I had an airplane too
And a million dollar boat
I wish I was a knight, shining
All heroic and strong and bold
And wish I had my stories told,
To children, to menfolk too.
I wish I had a damsel fair,
In distress, to save and make my queen
I wish I was a dashing thief,
I’d steal her heart, and never be seen.
I wish I had a dragon-slaying sword,
And a mighty dragon to kill too!
I wish I had my piles of gold, to hoard
And shout from the rooftops that I do…
I’d spin around the world, and hear
For myself, some fairy tales, some true
The stories that made my childhood bear
Some stories that live on in memory;
These fantasies, Oh God be so kind
And make them all come true, let me see
For a moment, to know how it feels
For just a moment, to not be me….