A bubble burst,somewhere
In the back of his mind
“Like the DotCom bubble”,he thought…
Whatever happened? Was he beyond care?
For some semblance of sanity,he fought…
Retirement,it crept upon him,slowly
And his body didn’t seem to mind
He was all of sixty,now, suddenly
Like his children did so often remind…
An IT job, a cushioned existence;
And hundreds of young un’s at his beck and call…
“It all goes away today”, he cried
He’d never imagined that one day he’d fall
And won’t hang around, no matter what he tried…
Computers,they were a boon,also a bane
With the tendency to drive you insane
With endless cups of coffee, and junk food galore
And waiting for ratings, for what was in store,
And late nights, and parties, and short trips abroad
“They’ve all gone away, now help me God!”
So spake a poor balding fat stooping guy
An IT professional, as he bade his job goodbye…!
07:50pm, Fri 11-02-2011