The cat, for reasons all its own decided to let me touch her head one day. This was after I had spent 3 lifetimes in getting her to agree to my point of view about the piece of fish being offered actually being tasty.There was a curious suspicion in her eyes when I had offered her the piece, as if I had some sort of serum injected in it which would render her paralysed from the neck downwards.
The outstretched paw she put out reminded me of one of the characters from fantasric 4, and she went to fantastic lengths to prove she was good enough to maintain a one-hand distance from me and still get the fish piece.Me being me, I decided to test her to see if she really did want that piece so much and put out my own paw, i mean hand to compete with her.
A low growl emerged, she meant business and she wasn’t willing to share. What manners! And suddenly out of nowhere, her claws came out. At this point I decided to let her have it. After all, what’s the point in eating raw fish? Who eats raw fish these days,except for that disgusting guy on some nature channel….She looked happier and I could have sworn I saw her smile inwardly for a second.

The fish was hers, hers alone. A tiny but sharp claw hooked the fish and slowly dragged it back towards her. Eyes still on mine to see if I posed another challenge, she slowly devoured the piece, inch by inch until it was gone….Maybe it was the smile in my eyes, maybe it was Lady Luck smiling down on me, but at that moment I guess she knew I wasn’t a threat…

I stretched out my hand again, empty this time, but all the same towards her. She slowly looked at me and came closer,sniffing the air, and gave a small wet lick to my fingertips. I ran my fingertips up her wet pink nose, onto her forehead and let it rest there, savouring the feeling of having mastered a wild and dangerous clawed feline beast.

That was how our friendship started. The cat, for reasons all its own decided to let me touch her head one day.