What is this journey called life?
A question that has plagued everyone on earth at some point or the other… They say that a fitting answer is found only by those who are enlightened… Many spend a lifetime following these enlightened ones, in search of the answer, many set out themselves to find what others could not…
The answer, in all its simplicity, lies in the hands of the unknown Almighty, whose will it is to reveal it to those he chooses.
For those of us who believe they do not have the answer, I urge you to look around you. What do you see? Butterflies in a park, flitting from flower to flower, unmindful of the sun, the lizard on the ground, or a hundred other things that may cause it harm. All it cares for is that minuscule drop of nectar, so precious that it roams a thousand flowers to taste that drop..
What else do we see? Beggars on the street, crying, dying, maimed and destitute. But do we ever look at the joy in their eyes, when they say the fireworks in the sky during diwali? Do we ever see the love they have for each other, the tight bond of family, the sacrifices they make each day,just so that they exist?
Do we see the happiness in the eyes of that mother who goes hungry so her child may be fed one more day?
A million other sad tales abound all around us, but look carefully.
And there you will find the answer. It is in our gratitude to the Lord God for all his blessings, for all his merciful bounty that we walk through this journey of life, or rather, we are so blessed that we do not realise when God carries us on his shoulders through the most difficult of times.
All we have to do is ask. All we need to do, and this is no big deal, is to say a Thank you Lord…
But thats also being a little selfish, isn’t it? What we really need to do, is add another line at the end, “Lord, please bless those people I saw today, as you blessed me too”. There, now you feel so happy already from the inside..

Now you know what it is to live a good life, and a happy life…