Fickle is fate, when it decides to play with your fortunes…
Five is the number that went through my head yesterday when I realised that it had been that many years since I first stepped out into the big bad corporate world of IT…. With Accenture and it’s promise of delivering high performance; little did I know what trials and tribulations, what fun and what foolishness, and above all, what a great experience it would turn out to be for me…
And today, dare I look back and say I have achieved what I thought I would?

Fiduciary benefits aside,(or the lack thereof!) had often compelled me to choose the path I had, and I think it has been an enriching journey so far.
Two trips abroad, five projects, a multitude of colleagues who have all gone on to achieve a lot in life, some lucky,some not so lucky…
What have I learnt? It is that if I live today in search of an answer to a “what if” I might not see what I must today… The blessings I have today, are more than enough to compensate for what I may perceive as a shortcoming. I realise today, that life had handed me lemons many a time, however a marked aversion to citric acid and an inability to ride a wave and take a risk has led me to where I am today.

Tomorrow, what does it hold? Who knows?
What I know is this, the memories of the last five years will not fade that easily.
And a hearty congratulations to all those idiots who’ve stuck around in the same company for five years, for whatever reasons!!!
Here’s looking forward to the future…..