I see through my eyes,that lovely look she gives

A little glimmer of joy,a little fun, it makes me wanna live

Each day henceforth, towards making her smile

Towards holding her tightly, in my arms all the while…

That happiness in her laughter, which melts me in a flash

That infectious little mischief, inherent, yet a surprise

And I know, I’ve fallen for her, hard, like I was in a crash

And yet I love the feeling, with every passing sunrise…

My wife, my lovely wife, what a treasure to behold

In sickness and in health, till we both grow very old

I sit here and ruminate, on my blessings tonight,

And I wonder, what more can I do, to bring her some delight…

Yes, A poem, she had asked of me, for her, this night

A lyrical ode, to the love of my life, I must now recite,

What words do I say to her, she means so much to me

Would “I love you” suffice for my lovely lady?