Some people, they see poetry,
everywhere they turn their heads
A flower, a seed, a banyan tree
In swirling seas, in river beds…

In the color of streetlights, row upon row
In the burning tail of a firefly, so yellow
In reds, and greens and violets also
Of everyday objects, and in a rainbow

The birds, the fish,with a plumage hue
Of every known color, against the color blue
There is a poem hidden,  I dont know how
But these people see it & they make you go wow!

I wish I had it in me, the ability to rhyme
The words to describe a scene, To create
In words, those strokes that paint in time,
A timeless picture, my hunger to sate

Yet, such art, it is beyond me,
how some people see
Such lyrical magic, such poetry
In every rock and pebble, ’tis a mystery…