This world of yours, what do you know about it,
What little you see, you go on and on about it
No other people, nobody else can come and go,
Ain’t nobody here bigger than your ego…

This world, leering, like a wolf, a bloody fang,
Eager to rip you apart, take you out with a bang
Thats all you ever see, but it’s more, and I know
There’s good also in it, if you just let it show

You may be a little lonely, but you’re not alone
You’re just another guy, not sitting on a throne
There is no castle, have a good look around
There are other players, on this little playground

There can be a better world, if only we let it be,
And bring about a little change, a bit of humility
Pedestals are for fools, they can be knocked down
Whenever a new hero walks into your town…