good night then to you my friend
the stars and the sky call out the hour
And the moon wails in luminescent yellow
Iridiscent bubbles, magnetic in its power

How then can I doze and dream
upon this mattress of grass, out here
When worries scar my brow, and in fear
My eyes well up, under the moonlit beam

No matter it is, to worry in the night
For naught has come of anguish, give up
All that is dark, All that you dread
And wait for the morning’s gleaming light

Ah, This waiting, ’tis what kills, till morning has dawned
The hours, they do not tick away quick enough,
I hide under a blanket, yet, I get the chills
For I find darkness beneath, anddarkness beyond….

Words, They do no good for the broken heart,
Nor are they balm for the burning soul
For what the heart wants, it wants
And nothing else can make it whole