A year, the days three hundred sixty five
Have just gone by, and how I feel alive
Just being with you, buzzing to go, like a bee-hive
The serenity I feel, like I’m on a deep sea dive

What changes have come, beloved, dear
That makes my head spin, in a good way!
When I think of what I was earlier,
And what I am right now, today…

Married! To you! I never dreamt it’d be so good
I’d never dreamt of the things we would do
The places we’d go, the surprises, out of the blue
Never was happiness this way, I understood…

You complete me, dear, You make me whole
You make me a better person, someone with a soul
You made me a person who now has a goal
You are the only one, who makes me lose control…

I’d love to go on and on, but I’d rather not
I’d rather tell you in person, what a lovely guy you got
A hundred and one reasons, to fall in love with you
But you know I need no reason, to say, “Baby, I do…”