Dear, I feel like telling the world,
The whole world how I feel tonight
A hundred things about you that I miss
The way we laugh, the way we fight

Your infectious joy, the glimmer in your eyes
Your quiet embarrassment, when I say something nice
The tears, when they come, the pangs in my heart
Are magnified tonight, ‘cos we’re apart

The way we hold hands, the endless nights
When we just talk, and remember the sights
Of not just a year, but a lifetime gone by
In seconds, the hours they seem to fly

The way you wait with hopeful eyes
For me, when I come home, and expect a surprise
The words we speak, that make no sense,And yet
We delight in them, as we await the sunset…

What I feel now, I do not know, my dear
The words, they’re hard to reach for, like a distant star
Can this be what I yearned for, as I shed another tear
‘Tis True Love, I realize, tonight when we’re so afar….