Midnight is really not that far,
I said, as I showed off that blinking star
And we chatted on, the hours passed
Until quick came the hour, fast…

And suddenly there was a hush
And quiet became the city rush
A blanket fell, like a silken sheaf
And peace came down, like a falling leaf.

Just hand in hand, we watched, amazed
As quietly a comet blazed
It’s trail it left, a cosmic line
Drawn by God, amidst starry shine

For a moment’s breath, held in wondrous daze
We’d waited more than a hundred days
And just as quick, it faded far
Until we had just our lonely star…

Fleeting moments such, are few and far
As we wished upon that falling star
Togetherness was what we wished to get
And moments like these, to never forget…