The flecks of sand casually hitting her face made her wonder if it was all a dream. But, as more and more kept pouring all over her body, effectively burying her,
she became more aware of her predicament.She was already helplessly drugged and unable to move, exacerbated by the painful fact that
she was completely lucid yet immobile.What had happened? Where was she?
She could see the olive-garbed fellow on her right,shoveling sand on her, a crazed look in his eyes, maliciously smiling a mysterious yet wholly dangerous smile.
She didn’t know what made her do it, but she tried to scream despite his warnings to the contrary. She only succeeded in drooling, and
a small puddle of spittle formed blobs of wet sand, just below her face. This was a nightmare, no this was worse than her worst nightmare.
She wasn’t yet ready to fully comprehend the horror of her situation, but it seemed unreal. Perhaps she would snap out of it soon if she just complied and let
this go with the flow? What if she didn’t survive?
She looked to her left, and to her wonder and amazement, there was a guy, almost buried in the sand, just his face sticking out,blue eyes beseeching, barely breathing.
He looked vaguely familiar, the way you have seen the guy somewhere, perhaps on the train, or the market, but just can’t figure out where.”Ken!”, his name
came on her lips quite suddenly and unexpectedly. She knew him, he was her boyfriend. “Oh Dear Lord, what is happening?”, she thought. At this point, she
barely remembered her own name, wait, what was it? She didn’t know. She didn’t know her own name. How could she not know her own name?
There was something wrong with the whole picture…

“Bob! Where are you, Oh there you are Bob, stop playing with your sister’s dolls…
Why are you burying them in the sand? She’s been looking all over for them. You return them this instant!”.

But Bob didn’t care. He didn’t like Barbie, and he sure as hell didn’t like Ken. They were gonna die, in this sand, buried alive! Ha!
“Let’s see who rescues Barbie now…”, he thought, as he left them there to roast in the hot sand and went to join the rest of his family at the beach-side shack.
What a start to a fun vacation!