From the towering spire of steel in Eiffel,
To the sweet syrupy taste of a Belgian waffle,
To the Queen, in her castle, all pomp and glamour
For crowds that throng Buckingham, a daily clamor…

The Taj, in all its white glory, fading,
To the swamps of Florida, alligators wading
The beaches of Down Under, miles pristine,
To the most famous graffiti, the chapel Sistine…

For those who care, some Cuban cigars,
For those who don’t, some vintage cars
Pyramids, and curses, Egypt and Peru
Or a French meal, with love, just as cordon-bleu…

Travel, ’twas a dream, a wish deepest true
O wishes, they were many, I didn’t know I outgrew;
And yet, when that quietness creeps up on me, still
I wish I was travelling, my wishes to fulfill…