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Color, it bores me, blandness prevails
Mediocrity, dullness, no more blazing trails
Like a rubber-band, stretched to its limits, my mind
To return to my stasis, some peace if I could find

Amid this black frenzy, this madness, this rush
Of every day coffee and a worn out toothbrush
I’m in trains and buses, and rickshaws and cars
Oh whatever happened to lying beneath the stars?

Whoever cursed me, with adulthood this far?
It’s a Pandora’s box, not a cute mason jar
Whatever happened to childhood, to being happy and fair?
And why didn’t they tell me, that it’s a bloody wolf’s lair?

Why, picnics are rushed, in pictures galore
And happiness is found now in the App Store!
Whatever happened to this world, who switched off the light?
Oh screw it all, good luck and good night!