Begged all my life, to break this bubble
Begged and begged to get in trouble
I begged and pleaded, but the mind wouldn’t agree
What is it with this safety? I just couldn’t see…

I don’t remember breaking any bones
And I don’t remember throwing any stones
Or fighting or shouting or playing or riding
I guess my own memories are slipping and sliding

I’m wrapped up in a blanket, snug as a bug
With stories of bravery, and my old coffee mug
None of it is real, just fantasies I drew
But oh dear, oh dear, I wish it were true

That someday I’d stop being scared of the world
That someday I’d find the courage within me, unfurled
Till then though, I’ll be a teller of stories, my friend
Till the time my own fears fizzle out, I’ll pretend…