Never having seen the sky, filled end to end
With stars, the Milky Way, like sand in the skies
Never having felt, the warmth of a hug, at night
Or of tears, as the stories flowed from your eyes…

Never had days, when a smile, was returned with a smile
When I could laugh, and talk and sing for a while
I never felt wanted, never felt loved…
I only felt the weight of the guilt you shoved

On my shoulders, young, yet wanting, weak
If only I had a time-turner, oh, but once
I’d use it, and many years past I would seek
To ask you, why you bothered to put up these fronts?

What reasons could possibly exist, to deny
Some love, some life, to me, once even, why?
That time-turner, ‘twould be the one weapon I’d want
To have one chance, live the life I cant…