Coffee, that muddy nectar, so syrupy, so sweet

Makes us the perfect reflector, the perfect athlete

To run, to climb mountains, with victory assured

Bring us that essence, from God’s bounty secured

When sunlight beckons, and caution prevails

Eyes refusing to yield, such morning’s travails…

‘Tis but coffee, that gets us through the day

‘Tis coffee that best knows, how to make it less gray

For bonding, and meeting, and talking and tweeting

For people to feel, for a quick morning greeting

For cafes, and cubicles, and cages and carts

Coffee, that elixir, a balm for our hearts

Coffee is everywhere, that omnipresent cup, brewing

Mochas and lattes, espressos and plain, cappucinos, au lait,

There are a hundred types of coffee, all wooing, pursuing

Their target, their prey, unsuspecting, cliche….