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Wishes locked away, fantasies bound, with twine
Paths left untrodden, for a road paved with teary brine
Comely maidens, ships laden with memories float away
Unfulfilled, their eyes beckon, yet sadden as I do not sway…

Books, with their champions invite, incite, ,invigorate, implore
They evoke deeper desires, to look danger in the eye, to explore
Yet, the comfort of a fleece blanket held more power, to debate
To question, to relinquish that delicious need to hallucinate…

And come as they may, those wonderful dreams
And flow as I might, on those rainbow streams
I’d pinch myself, unwillingly, unwittingly, once, twice
To stop myself from hoping, awaken from an unreal paradise

And I wonder why, why must that moonlight not rule,
Why must this stifling sunlight burn, this reality make me a fool?
Where I could be a king, a knight, a knave or a Khan of a far land?
Why must I suffer this reality, await every day, the hourglass’ falling sand?