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When waiting becomes boring
And life becomes bland and bleary
And time ticks along, dragging you,weary
No memories, nor moments are made worth storing…

Like puppets (not puppies!) , our strings run taut
Like baited fish( but not guppies), our fates are so wrought;
Our toughest decisions, them blinders, commoner than we thought
In the grand scheme of things, it all comes to nought…

We think we have climbed it, the Everest of bad days
‘Twas but a hillock , a turn in the maze
We think we have made it, we sing and we rhyme
We all misunderstand, we think we have time…

Till one day, the strings, they slacken, cut clean
And we’re left alone with our memories, of days that have been
The boring ones,the bright ones, the ones we let by
When if only through stronger will, we could have learned to fly