‘Tis the Fallen that shall rise
’tis the Fallen that once be wise
‎And in the depths, those deepest pits
‎Doth the truth reside, and enlightenment sits

Cometh the hour, that drizzly dusk
When hope evades, all but a husk
The Fallen, in their wisdom, a flicker provide
To hope renew, and set fear aside

They know, the path down, the pebbles all
They know the price, of that mighty fall
And the cure, that elusive Elixir, of pain
The Fallen gulp and drink, and sip again…

But they know, that every night, the skies
They beckon, they call, like siren’s song
To try and make that jump, though wrong
‘Tis the Fallen, that be, in the morning, wise…