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Sleep my child, it’s already late
The moon and the stars, already do wait
Sleep my child, that you may now dream
Sleep my child, till morrow’s sun beam

Dream of them, dragons, and fairies who fly
Smiling, as angels stand by your bedside
Guarding your sleep, from the demons in the sky
Sleep my child, keep your worries aside

Wonder and awe, as stories I tell
Light up your face, of kingdoms that fell
And knights that rescued, damsels and all
And stories of winter, summer and fall…

Sleep my child, the hours tick by
The Sandman doth cometh, now he asks me why
His sand doth not work, for the morrow does come
Sleep my child, are the hours but some…

God laughs at me, as my tries go in vain
As I sing a song, to get you in bed
Sleep my child, what wonders remain
Why do you look out the windows instead?