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Bliss, is an ice-cream, on a hot summer’s day
Bliss is when the clouds keep rolling away
Joy, is in a smile, a hug that brings cheer
Joy is in your eyes, and I wish they were here….

A kiss, that I gave when I made you cry
Bliss, when I tickled you, that made you smile
Rapture, in every tick of that running hand
Ecstasy, ecstasy, if only for a little while…

Why would you put me, through rivers of my tears?
Why would you extricate, all my hidden fears
I’m lonely, and I wanna cry
And I wish you would ask my why…

Euphoria, elation, bliss in another word
Emotions that I sometimes wish were unstirred
Time, that cruel master, pretends to heal me
Till I hear your voice, and I wish I could just see…