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Right around the corner, is a little bend
It goes on and on, it doesn’t end
Why it doesn’t, no one doth know
But it goes on, and long doth it go..

Life, that road, that uncommon road
We begin, unwillingly, so too do we end
Bumps, and humps, sometimes a motherlode
Of happiness, or tears, right round the bend

Sometimes we’re all alone, whining, depressed
Sometimes, there’s a party, but you’re underdressed
Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, not at all
Sometimes there’s clarity, but like a crystal ball

We expect to be in one piece, we expect to survive
We expect to be stars, in a show broadcast live
Life, it has a funny way, of showing us the door
Life is so interesting, like nothing ever before

Walk down the path, we must,
muster all our brawn
Walk, for we don’t know,
if ’tis our last dawn

Life, that bloody road,
With no end in sight, so vast
But that road’ll lead you,
Where you’re supposed to be, at last…

Destiny, it laughs, at your feeble fickle attempt
Fate, it bellows in merriment, as it smiles in contempt
You’re not going anywhere, except where you’re supposed to be
And when you get there, at long last, you’ll see…