Stars, stars, these damn endless stars
Spewn across the murky black sky
Tiny, pinpricks, glowing far
Stars, I hate them from afar

No matter how much I try, I fail
To gauge, their usefulness to me
They mock, they sneer,they glow, they pale
They taunt me with their mystery

In packs and groups, they form the signs
Astronomy, astrology, written down in wiggly lines
Constellations, novae, stars so fine
That some people even think they’re divine

Latin, Greek , and Roman names
Silly to some, to some, sailor’s games
These stars, they’re there, since ages long
And eons hence, they’ll still be strong

No matter how much trouble I’m in
No matter the hole, no matter the sin
A boatload of sky, dotted with stars
Is all it takes, free me from this infernal din

A window in a plane, me looking out
Closest I can get to the stars this life
Closest I can get to asking, to shout
Tell me your story, don’t cause me such strife