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There’s a knife through my heart,
A flaming, burning, butter knife
Put there, specifically to tear it apart
Put there so happily, by my wife…

As it bleeds, my heart sings
Of distances, worlds left behind
Of wondrous tales, of sufferings
Of my life, which has not been kind

Of love, like the clouds, and skies so blue
Of love, so beautiful, it must be true
That serrated blade, it sings as it twists
Oh I wish it’d rather cut my wrists

There’s a knife through my heart,
My love put it there, and there it shall stay
Reminding me of our days, sweet and tart
Reminding me of what I’d miss, if she took it away

That fire, that blade, keeps me living
That agony keeps me sane
There’s a flaming knife in my heart
And somehow, I crave the pain…