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Last night I dreamt I was alive
Last night I dreamt I saw the stars shine
Last night, I could swear I felt alive
Last night, I felt it all could’ve been fine

Was it all a dream, or was it really true
I don’t know how, let me know if you do
Last night I dreamt I saw your eyes
When I started counting all the stars in the skies

Even as the floor was on fire
And Hell burnt alive with the fruits of desire
Last night, it felt like the sea
The ocean calling out to me

The beach, each grain of sand
A moment of my life, that I could understand
Last night, it all felt so so new
Cry out, that’s all I felt I could do

Last night I dreamt I was just going
Out on the sea, on a rickety boat, rowing
Last night, I smiled as I laid eyes on the city
For the last time, for the last time in eternity