Peace? What peace? there is no peace
Why would you think there was any left
Please, oh please, do not say please
Those words don’t mean much to the bereft

Worry, anxiety, the world is all wrong
And yet some people dance, some sing a song
There is no door, no light, no tunnel to be found
We’re all sinking fast, with no hope around…

The days are all long, the nights are all dark
Children and dogs, both pining for the park
But sparrows and crows and parrots and hens
Make merry and sing, while we twirl our pens

The future! The future! Oh what lies ahead
Is this Armageddon, like a prophet once said
While nature enjoys, and men shed some tears
Pray, time the healer, will lay to rest our fears….

And when we come out of this enforced funk
Realise the true worth, what’s treasure, what’s junk
I hope we make gratitude our everyday thing
And know our true heroes, their platitudes to sing…