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Love is too hard, stayin lovin hard too
Don’t let down your guard
Don’t think you know what to do

If it ain’t even a little bit of pain
Then it ain’t love baby, ain’t nothin to gain
Love is too hard, love is not for you

Ain’t no mirrors broken, ain’t no plates thrown
Then have you even loved, have you even grown
Love, you think is rosy, love is easy-peasy?
Love is anything but that, anything but breezy

You think you’re gonna make it out alive
Love isn’t like a job, you do it nine to five
Love is eternal, the pain and the balm
Love extends to infinity, love begets the calm

Like lightning, you love to watch it flash
But no, love, Love is like being in a plane crash
Love may be attainable, but love is too hard
Love made many an idiot, and many a bard…