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I think to myself, why does this happen
Why does slumber avoid me so
Forsaken, in the woods, stars for company
Waiting for the darkness to go

Or in my bed, no pillows seem enough
Forty winks, they do not seem to come
The bed, no matter be soft or be rough
No matter the lullabies I try to hum

The hours tick away, the seconds, not at all
The seasons, each hath had one night atleast
When sleep avoids me, doesn’t hearken my call
And I’m left holding back in the silence,my beast

My inner demons, they want to roar
And scratch and bite, and dent and score
Yet silence pervades, sleep refuses to find me
And Hypnos, with all his power, couldn’t bind me

I think to myself, what reason could be
For this long lasting continued misery
My foggy brain is addled, yet refuses to yield
Tis still a mystery forever concealed…