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I never thought I would
Run through the day like this
Time, when it has no meaning
What can I say? Gee whiz!

I never thought I’d begin
And end the day aloof
But seventeen hours of sloth, sin!!
Here I am, on the bed, poof!

Ambitions burnt, muscles drooping
Weak as a paper Mobius strip, looping
I turn on myself, my mind entropies
Though like an eagle, it’s soaring, swooping

I never thought I’d remain
A shell, a mere shell, of my capabilities
Killed me, did what? My responsibilities
Or so I say to myself, again n again

I never thought I’d argue
With myself, and lose spectacularly
That moral fibre inside me is new
I never thought I’d never get to see the old me

And that makes me sad, that makes me weep
That hurts my feelings, buried so deep
Compartmentalize, I do, I know I should not
I never thought that my feelings’d be all I got …