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Oh I’ve once again fallen

Into the rut of sleepless nights

Fallen out of favour with Morpheus

Courting Insomnia, and counting the lights

It doesn’t help that I feel distraught

Or tired or sleepy or desperately weepy

It feels like the end of three battles fought

With demons in my own head, creepy

And I cant explain why, and how,

I can’t explain what is the reason

I’m in this state tonight, and now

My brain is alight, acting in high treason

I’ve tried all the ways, tried all the things

To make myself sleep, but my mind takes wings

If you, O reader, have anything to say

Please do, a lullaby, to rest my eyes today

For tomorrow is another battle,And people will be slaughtered

Sacrificed, arrogantly, in lieu of my peace

Lead me to sleep, oh please, oh please

Or my world will again be shattered

Like it has, every day, when I could get no sleep

And I moped around, o’er a precipice so deep

A slip, a tiny slip, and madness takes over

And the devil comes out, a hostile takeover

I wish, I wish, and I so strongly believe

I’d be a better person,If my eyes I’d relieve,

And there’s no mountain tall, no crevice deep

That I couldn’t surmount, with a little sleep