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A scoop, a slurp, lickety split
Banana flavoured, a big bite I bit
Rocky road all the way
Vanilla was what I wanted today

A cone, a cup, a big bowl of cream
Ice cream, Ice cream, every summer’s dream
Butterscotch to quench my thirst
Or shall I have strawberry first?

Brain freeze, tongue gone numb
Icecream makes me go all dumb
But what even can I say to you
I just love icecream, that much is true

Chocolate is best, some say
But I beg to differ, Mango’s on the way
Coffee and honey and walnuts too
Black currant if I’m feeling too blue

Pineapples are great, coconuts too
Hundreds of flavours, oh what can I do
There is but one lifetime, to try them all
Have a little icecream, and life is a ball…