Nothing makes sense


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The heavens hold no mystery
The pages teach no history
And nothing makes sense any more

Cos we don’t even talk, we just ignore
And all we do is growl and gnash
And rage and boil and grab and smash

Cos we’re all broken, right down to the core
And live, like zombies, flashing lights
And getting into crazy stupid little fights

Cos there ain’t nothing left like before
This madness, spreading, like a disease
And nothing makes sense any more

Ain’t nobody walking down the streets
Ain’t nobody whistling a tune, nor beats
And we’re all decked up, but fish ashore

Gasping for breath, dying of death
The heavens ain’t giving no more mercy
And the thunder’s rolling in, it’s starting to pour

The heathen and devout, the unclean, the high-browed
Decaying, alone, on the side of the road
And nothing makes sense any more…
And nothing makes sense any more…




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How do I feel about sunflowers?
This morning I asked myself, wondering
What magic do they seek, what powers
In yellow rays, still pondering

Meandering through the village road
I come upon them in a field, seeking the light
You must do the same, they goad
All smiling, decked up, bright

When the sun is shrouded,
Or the sky is clouded
They seek each other’s faces
To share, but what they have in traces

Oh how much to learn, in that short while
From these seeded pots of yellow today…
Always Seek the light, always share a smile,
What more does a sunflower need to say?

Tum nahi



Kadakti bijliyo mein
Dhoondta raha woh ehsaas
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Garajte badalo mein
Bujhata raha woh pyaas
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Ki kab tak main kudrat ki parcchaiyo mein
Ujaale ko bulata rahaa
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Ki kab tak main andhero mein
Diye ko jalata raha
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Akelepan se dosti kar li

Akelepan se dosti kar li
Lekin saath nibhata raha
Teri chaahat ke firaq mein
Bhadakti is raat mein

Tumhe chaahta raha
Lekin tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Boondo ne dubaane ki koshish ki
Lehro ne bahane ki
Kinaare bulaate rahe
Par tum nahi waha koi aur thi

Arre zaalim, tere intezar mein
Apna sab kuch tyaag diya
Zindagi bhar tere saye se pyaar kiya
Par tum thi, toh kaha thi?

Finding my sleep


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I think to myself, why does this happen
Why does slumber avoid me so
Forsaken, in the woods, stars for company
Waiting for the darkness to go

Or in my bed, no pillows seem enough
Forty winks, they do not seem to come
The bed, no matter be soft or be rough
No matter the lullabies I try to hum

The hours tick away, the seconds, not at all
The seasons, each hath had one night atleast
When sleep avoids me, doesn’t hearken my call
And I’m left holding back in the silence,my beast

My inner demons, they want to roar
And scratch and bite, and dent and score
Yet silence pervades, sleep refuses to find me
And Hypnos, with all his power, couldn’t bind me

I think to myself, what reason could be
For this long lasting continued misery
My foggy brain is addled, yet refuses to yield
Tis still a mystery forever concealed…




A hundred shades slowly float up
Gray, each one, different, yet just the same
The gray of a rainy day, bottled up
The gray of that homeless man, without a name

The gray, of the river, turgid and muddied
The gray of the Viking, dying, bloodied
Dragon scales gray, inviting, yet deadly
Gray of the dark ages, boring, that medley

Tinges of colour, they try dropping in
The edges send them back, back the same way
Red tried, and blue tried, and yellow swept in
But in the end prevailed, only and only gray

History is gray, the past, gray hair and its hues
No matter the memory, happy or the blues
The dark depressing gray, exists to torment
It fills up yesterday, and leaves us spent

The gray of the ocean, such color under it all
Cobbled footpaths, and mice, and a crow’s call
Funnily enough, gray can be inviting, some days
There aren’t many colours as vivid as the grays

Love is not easy


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Love is too hard, stayin lovin hard too
Don’t let down your guard
Don’t think you know what to do

If it ain’t even a little bit of pain
Then it ain’t love baby, ain’t nothin to gain
Love is too hard, love is not for you

Ain’t no mirrors broken, ain’t no plates thrown
Then have you even loved, have you even grown
Love, you think is rosy, love is easy-peasy?
Love is anything but that, anything but breezy

You think you’re gonna make it out alive
Love isn’t like a job, you do it nine to five
Love is eternal, the pain and the balm
Love extends to infinity, love begets the calm

Like lightning, you love to watch it flash
But no, love, Love is like being in a plane crash
Love may be attainable, but love is too hard
Love made many an idiot, and many a bard…

Bless me Lord


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Bless me harder, Lord, bless me
With wine, as fine can be
Bless me Lord, with liberties
And a chariot, draped in liveries

And a mansion, Lord, an acre large
Bless me with a yacht, and a barge
Bless me with food, nectar divine
Bless me Lord, make me shine

A miracle, Lord, is what I need
Lazy as I am, with mouths to feed
Bless me Lord, with your endless grace
For today, tomorrow, till end of days

I’ll sing your praises, I swear I will
Bless me Lord, I’m waiting still
A little bit more, than what you always do
Just this once, oh Lord why won’t You?

I’ve never felt so bad, human as I am
This life I lead, it feels like a sham
Bless me Lord, with love and health
If nothing else, not fame nor wealth

Greed, I succumbed to it, greedy old me
Lord, you know it, Lord, you can see
What I need most, forgiveness and peace
Bless me Lord, bless me, oh please?

Where are my tears?


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I promised myself tears,
I promised myself pain
I failed to uphold my fears
I didn’t even cry in the rain

What went wrong? What snapped?
Have the circuits all gone awry?
I always thought I would feel trapped
I always thought I’d endlessly cry

The memories no longer bring an ache
A smile, sometimes, a chuckle too
Wasn’t I supposed to crack and break?
Unable to know what I should do…

Why this clarity? Why this peace?
Forevermore an agony erased
Why didn’t the world end, but is at ease?
Why isn’t this the worst I have faced?

Death, thy gloomy hands don’t hold
Power over me anymore, anymore
I promised myself tears, but behold!
Today’s just another day, like before…

Sit in front of a mirror


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Sit in front of a mirror
Write about every wrinkle on your face
Write about all the pain, the terror
Write about your blessings, the Lord’s grace

Paint a picture of your life
Moments etched in colour
Balanced on the edge of a knife
Moments, that could have been duller

Sit, and ruminate, think aloud
What horrors you faced, yet here
You are, alive and ticking, proud
Sit and vanquish all your fear

The words will come, like tomorrow’s sunrise
They’ll flow unbidden like a river
Like a teardrop at the edge of your eyes
Sit, and make time quiver…

Sit, until the story’s finished, done
The art, it blooms all on its own
It blinds everyone it meets, like the sun
Then walk away, happy, alone…

why do we do these things?


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Why do we cling,
To hope and fear alike
Why do we keep waiting,
For one or the other to strike?

Why can’t we ever be
Free from our mortality?
From worries, from blight
Free from this sordid plight

Why do we want, something new
To pacify our morbid souls
Why aren’t we ever happy
With our assigned roles?

In this chaos, this order,
We look for boundaries, a border
And then we’re happy, boxed in
This purgatory, this bubble of sin

Becomes our wonderful pathway
And we gambol about
Until, until one fatal day
We hear that bloody shout

Death’s here, O Death’s here
To take away your dreams
And then we surrender, with a tear
To Time’s unbidden streams…