One day, I will be a friend, you’ll need me
One day, I will be some one you will see
With fresh new eyes, a whole new sight,
And deep down inside, you’ll feel all warm
I’ll keep you safe, from every storm
And sometimes I will let you cry at night
And I won’t say a word…….

And one day, I’ll let you fly,
And one day, I’ll soar with you
To every cloud that made your day,
And be with you, whatever you do
I’ll hold your hand, and I will stay
With you, today, tonight,
And I can’t help but smile
When you become a free bird….

It feels so good, to be a friend
It feels so right, to say what’s true
And never care, or ever pretend
And I can be, but anything else
Cos you know it, And I always knew
What you were to me, And I was to you
And I wish we were friends again….
And I wish we were friends again….