Wrapped tight across, in a thick blanket,
of silence, we sit together
And wait and wait, for the ice to break
With awkward glances here and there, and whether
You would begin, or ‘twould be me
To even say, “what lovely weather!”
And I look at your eyes,they hold such promise,
But those ungrateful words fail me,
when I need them the most
You suddenly turn your head my way,
my heart’s in an awful mess
I look away, unwillingly,and I think I can see
An inward smile, a sigh of relief,
You too don’t know what to say…
I pick up the courage, I sit up straighter,
You pick up your bag, get up to go
I wish I had said it,sooner than later
But suddenly you smile! And suddenly I know,
As you wave goodbye today, I know what to do
There’s always tomorrow, when I’ll wait for you…