The excitement in waiting, for something new,
The tingling of the spine, in anticipation and more
When some sweet dreams doth God weave true;
Like an unknown feeling, one you’ve never had before

A brand new bat, a cricket ball,
The sweet sweet smells of a new book’s pages;
A shirt, you’ve always wanted, a trip to the mall
Happiness that grows, like a tree, in stages…

Novelty, like mist, like a morning dew spread,
Over fresh green grass, on a summer’s morn
It wilts away, like a dry flower, dead
Until some new feeling is once again born…

And yet we look back, on days that are past,
For fond remembrances, for the happiness that we had last,
Thus, novelty, like an old photograph, will one day fade,
To remain a sweet memory, an everlasting charade…